“It is the inhibition of sexuality which makes aggression a power beyond mastery, because inhibited sexual energy turns into destructive energy”.


Reich developed his theory of orgone energy over several years and expanded it throughout his lifetime. His theory was the result of experiences with his neurotic patients and his biological experiments, which he felt provided concrete evidence for the existence of orgone.


Orgone energy can be thought of as organic or “life-energy.” Reich first observed this energy while studying the bioelectric nature of pleasure and anxiety.


A good description of this thereoy by antero ali: “The physical body is the visible manifestation of the so called sub-conscious mind. The body is the finger print of the soul. Nothing can be hidden, the body communicates it all.”- Antero Alli\


According to the reading and the speeches; Reich decided that peoples body language could be more revealing than their own words. He observed their tone of voice and the way that they moved he then concluded that people form their own kind of armour to protect themselves, not only from the dangerous of the outside world, but also from their own desires and instincts. Most of us desire something, and immediately set out to find ways not to get it! We sabotage ourselves. Reich saw this process working in the body. Over the years a person builds up this character armour through bodily habits and patterns of physical behaviour. Reich called this work Character Analysis. I found discussing this character analysis in class to help explain what Reich was trying to put across was very helpfully discussing others strange habits “nail biting” “even numbers” “playing with our hair” strange things like this that make us unique.


He also introduced the Genital Character from the

idea of the libido (as a form of energy)

That at the deepest level: “mans natural sociology and sexuality, spontaneous

enjoyment of work [and] capacity for love”


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