“Communitiy is something we do together. It’s not just a container” David Brian


Unfortunalty I found this lecture very dull and uninteresting, potentially due to the lectures personality and inability to display to my opinion a clear understanding of that weeks topic. She rather went on a rant on her own strange and incomprehensible life achievements. The Sounds of decay recording forensic data she did, recording the decaying rat, I thought was rather pointless art for someone who went through WAAPA and ECU.



The paradox of economic development is that economic values are not enough to ensure it economic development is too important to be entrusted solely to economic values the values accepted or neglected by a nation fall within the cultural field we may thus say that economic development is a cultural process. Mariano Gorndona in the reading explains this and I find it a much more elaborate and understanding then that of the lecturer. I also find Vanessas explanation of things also assist in my understanding.


I find Perth’s art community is growing more and more with the new Perth arts convention centre the activity at ECU’s WAAPA the more and more live performances and live bands at bar is growing. And that this generations demand for more artistic enthusiasm is due to Perth current boring community which is where the thrive more has driven from. Perth is a great example of a growing community which is using the role of culture. 


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