I found this weeks topic to be very interesting it made me the need to be highly strategic in the creative world in order to succeed. Andrew Ewing said something along the lines off “you must think you are better then everyone else here and that unfortunately it will be highly competitive”.


As said in the lecture as an artist or creative person you have to make a living and being creative and making money from it is not contradictory but rather symbiotic in form. Meaning that making money from your own creative innovation can be very different to making money to produce something that isn’t entirely creative to you by is for the buyer. A great example of this for me would be John Lennon his music was seen as astonishing and new worldly however if you ever herd of his music he created in his own personal time it is horrible but he loved it more then his popular pieces which he made a lot of money off.


In order to keep up in the creative industries you have to think whar are you doing and what everyone else is ding in order to top them and beat them in the constant competition of the creative world. Vansessa brought up a great example of her own that has affected her, I found this made the topic more realistic and understandable by bringing a real story involved in this exact topic or struggling in a competitive creative world.


As this is the last week of blogging I would like to say the lectures were all great to listen to I hate writing about them and would rather experience them myself and get out there but do have to do the hard work to get there and thank Vanessa and Andrew for organizing and contributing to the unit.


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