Over the past 12 weeks I have opened my mind to strange and unique theories and stimuli from many renowned creative influences. The inspiration for ‘Perplexis’ came from being in an uncomfortable situation and is an expression of the feeling of sheer confusion. After suffering much frustration during the construction phase of my original piece, I had lost the inspiration to create and decided to relax, that is when I found more creative inspiration and unbeknown to me at the time, became my sole inspiration for ‘Perplexis’. Working with my collective unconscious to creative a piece which relived my frustration.


My creativity flowed when “I had no worry of failure” because at the time I felt as though I was not working on my “assignment” I rather became involved and in a feeling of total control. As Ernst Kris believed “wandering thought processes (creativity) tend to discharge libido and aggression” (Kris page 60 chapter 4 Definition and theories II) In this case it was discharging my aggression from the previous attempt at a project that crumbled my flow due to failure.



The artwork I am rather proud of as it derived from my own creative innovation. Being completely different to what I was originally doing, a collage of things that I find define “who I am” displayed on a board, which I had the intention of being something rather creative However while going through the process of making it I felt extremely let down by the idea and my repression from it blocked my expression I removed myself completely from it, shunned it and made myself move on, unable to I started to distract my self but in a creative mood I discharged it into another completely different form of an artwork emerging by itself as an escape from my failed collage piece. I guess you could say I had got myself into a “wicked problem” where there was no solution to fixing my old project. “A wicked problem stretches the problem/solution dialectic we have established almost to breaking point”.( Pg 51 Crouch, C., & Pearce, J. (2012) Doing research in Design wicked problems) in this case broke the dialectic solutions to fix my project and abanded it in frustration.


Sigmund Freuds view is a negative one, “creativity is said to be the outcome of an unconscious neurotic conflict”. (pg, 60,chapter 4 Definition and theories II) I feel that I can relate this theory of creativity to my piece as my conflict with my project caused an outcome of an unconscious random artwork.


Harold rugg once said:


“creative people have strong needs for privacy away from the demands of conscious realities, and why daydreaming and incubation both of which are forms of preconscious activity can produce creative inspirations.”


In my case I had myself locked in a room with no phone or laptop only speakers playing loud music. It is now clear how useful and effective this technique is being away from any pressures and realities or time and just being able to freely daydream and even go further and use the fantasy analogy “how do we in our wildest fantasies desire the closure to operate? (Gordon 1961,p.49) this discovering of a new space free of potential set backs has opened a new creative channel for myself and future projects.



This creative project has helped me learn many different ways in which I can in fact be creative the wide range of theological ideas have influenced me and my thought process I now have new systematic ways planted in my mind and new view points, also it has grown my curiosity to look deeper into and understand these theory’s more and more. I feel as though I have already learnt how to gain creative influences, inspiration how to be involved creatively in the community and how to even make something creative of another’s work. It strange because I am a Film&Video student and I love this course however it felt good to mix it up a bit to dabble and cross into other fields to displaying creativity. As they all have similarities and in effect they can benefit each other. This experience has left me wanting to be more creative take things to higher levels achieve more and experience more and just generally be more of a creative individual and expresses myself.

 Failed project



That led my mindless frustration to this. My new creative project





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